NHS Pro Basics – Help your buyers & gain more clients with New Builds

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Join us in this live webinar if you're new to NewHomeSource Professional (NHS Pro)! Gain access to the most comprehensive, FREE resource for new build inventory, and keep selling—even when you have low resale inventory in your area. Do more in less time with your NHS Pro agent account and share more homes with your buyers.

Don’t miss out on buyers looking for new home builds just because they think you cannot help them with new construction homes. You can! A free NHS Pro agent account gives you a free landing page called your Showingnew microsite. Also take advantage of the NewHomeSource Professional widget you can embed on your website. These tools direct buyers, who are interested in new communities, back to you as an expert in your market.
Join our introduction course to NHS Pro to discover:
•	How to create an NHS Pro account through the main NHS Pro site, or through your broker or MLS private label (if applicable).
•	How to customize your Showingnew microsite—your landing page for clients to view new homes.
•	How to run a search, and email one of the 120,000 new home listings on NHS Pro to your sellers.
•	How to post new construction homes directly to your social media accounts and keep all the leads you earn at no additional cost.
•	How to add the NHS Pro search widget to your website to ensure your buyers know you are qualified to represent them with new construction homes.
•	How to contact builders and schedule appointments for your buyer.