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Improve your professional service to buyers – both new home shoppers and resale shoppers who are purchasing new construction – with our newest webinar!
Presenter David Fletcher, Founder of New Home Co-broker Academy LLC, wastes no time showing you how to make sales you ever knew existed, and it's not by becoming a better closer.
1.	Meet the needs of buyers -Today's home shoppers know what they want,  they already have seen it on the internet. 
2.	Understanding the times and knowing what to do with buyers who are interested in new construction or buyers who do not know realize the option of new construction.
3.	Be a Realtor the buyer can trust to help them avoid mistakes with either resales or new construction - Not becoming an expert in new construction
4.	Realizing that the myths of new construction such as the builder's commission policy is tied to a strict first-time introduction requirement.
5.	Everything David teaches, he has personally experienced and wants to share this, and more, with you!
Register and get ready for a new homes webinar you will remember!