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How to Match Buyers to Newly Built Homes They’ll Love

Realtors know how important it is to find the right home for each buyer. For many buyers today, that home

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Realtor and homebuyers sat at a desk

How to Answer Homebuyer Questions About New Homes

Buyer preferences vary from one client to another and depend in part on the availability of new construction and resales

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The Future of Real Estate: New Homes

Real estate agents are stalled on the railroad tracks, and a high-speed train is headed in their direction. Home builders

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Is a New Home Right for Your Client?

Paying attention to the clues your clients’ give about what they want in a home may lead them to newly

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An Agent’s Guide to Selling Multigenerational Homes

Selling multigenerational homes isn’t always the same as selling single-family homes. With these types of homes it’s all about the

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Happy millennials excited to be new homeowners

What Are Millennials Looking For?

The answer? New construction homes. Stainless steel appliances? Check! Hardwood flooring? Check! An open floor plan? Check! This kitchen in

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Financing for New Homes: A Primer for Realtors

Financing a newly built home is much the same as financing a resale home, but there are a few differences

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A Realtor’s Guide to Custom Homes

Custom homes are a world of their own. So before you hit the ground running, check out this Realtor’s guide

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Today’s Realtors: 2021 NAR Member Profile

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) released its “2021 NAR Member Profile.” In this member profile report, NAR seeks to

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Couple reveiwing home design.

Custom or Production: Which is Right for Your Buyer?

Knowing your clients’ lifestyle and budgetary needs will help you identify if a custom or production home is right for

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Image of great room of a Lennar Home.

How Newly Built Homes Offer Health Benefits to Owners

Newly built homes, like Lennar’s Healthy Home pictured here, offers health benefits due to advances in technology and building procedures.

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Man and woman couple smiling confident looking house plans at new home

Feng Shui Principles Mesh Easily with Newly Built Homes

The ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, which uses specific architectural and design elements to produce a harmonious flow of

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